Savage Ondar

Argun's Delve

I find myself recording the events that have led to my current state, to comport my racing mind and assure myself my death is no longer upon me. I have not felt the agony of death so close since that day, nor have I had to witness the face of a man so sure of his emanate end. However, there is solace to be found in the knowledge that neither my companions nor I have crossed into the hereafter.

I fear I have once again gotten ahead of myself. Be it the result of my current bedraggled state or the lingering effects of the poison, I know not. Nevertheless, my mind has not been clear. The beginning, yes I should start at the beginning. I have found myself traveling of late with an eclectic assortment of individuals, Khandra a Halfling mage, Alvis a stoic Udal tribesman, Leon a haunted wonder, and Crawford a peculiar big beaked birdman. Odd company admittedly, still I find ease in their presence. I sense darkness clings to them as surly as it shadows me. At the very least their skills will prove useful to my ends.

We had journeyed together for four days, chasing rumors of foul happenings in Argun’s Delft. The days past uneventful save, Crawford’s unexpected windfall of a generous sum scavenged from an overturn merchant cart. Also, our mage companion shared with us a tale of the fancies of her youth. Though sweet her story maybe, the knowledge of her ties to an alchemist intrigued me more. I will have to pursue this further.

Upon our arrival to Argun’s Delft, it became evident the rumors were of weight. The town was clearly besieged by ill fortune. The mine, the heart of commerce, had been closed and tension filled the air. Our approach to the inn the only operating business was met with looks of thinly veiled distain. Entering into the inn, we discovered the root of the troubles plaguing Argun’s Delft. Death had befallen four miners in the mine and not from the usual sources.

It would seem the charlotte of a holy man the Harold had visited the town. His preaching of the power of the people has nearly instigated the formation of a mob. It is true that the lord of these lands, Therin, has the charm and function of a parasite. Nevertheless, riots will not bring peace. Leadership is more likely to arise under the banner of different sources. But I digress…

To aid the poor people of this town we all seemed willing to enter the mines. From the inn keeper Olus Rinn, Leon learned how to contact Sir Therin, so that we might solve his deadly mine problem for a price of course. A brief visit to the town temple also bore insight into what stalked the mines and the character of Therin. After a surprisingly quite night we set out for Therin’s manor. I know not a way to describe Therin without insulting donkeys. Leon acted as party spokesman and haggled our fee.

From the manor, we set out for the mines. It was in the labyrinth of those underground tunnels that I nearly met the end of my fate. Deep into the earth we were set upon by a shapeless mass of gelatinous substance. It fell…it fell from the ceiling of the cavern engulfing me, digesting me. The burning agony of the creatures embrace is not a sensation I will soon forget. I can still feel the phantom burn of its touch. Leon valiantly attempted to free me of my torture but to no avail. I in my struggles could not free myself from my pending death. Nevertheless and to my endless thanks, Crawford succeeds where Leon and I failed. Shaken and wounded I was able to take in our standing. The creature that had attacked me was not alone. Four of the gelatinous beings stood poised to attack.

Thankfully, through the combined strength of Alvis, Leon, Crawford, and the fires of Khandra the creatures were felled. I managed to salvage my battered form with the aid of my potions.
However our task was not done. Khandra, who was familiar with these entities, informed us of the need to travel deeper into the tunnels to find and seal the source of the creatures. In the deepest depth at the opening of the new mining vein, we found the den of these creatures. Here we found a massive slime being. The creature attacked and latched onto Leon… paralyzing him with it agonizing touch…I cannot…it was horrifying to witness. Alvis attacked the mass shaking the creature, but it did not release its hold. I tried to free Leon but could not, I still regret this failure. Thankfully, Leon was of greater fortitude than I. He managed to free himself of the stupor of pain and fight his way to freedom. Again through the combined might of fire and steel was the creature and its offshoots killed.

We sealed the source and staggered back to Sir Therin’s manor to collect our fee. I confess that my mind was no long set upon the details by this point. I can recall Leon managed to secure a good purse for our efforts before we retired to the inn to rest our weary but thankfully still flesh covered bones. All I can concentrate on is the bad taste this town leaves. The lord, the inn keeper and the priestess something is off…



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